Pepy Tours Immersion Program

Instead of attending lectures, tutorials and trying to write essays, this next month the students of International Development at the Australian Catholic University will be spread out throughout South East Asia participating in an Immersion Program. Not knowing what to expect from this course or where it will take us upon completion, we ended up finding complete passion and intrigue in everything that we have learned. We have not only stumbled upon a course that interests us, we have found something that pushes us to ask even more questions and open up our minds in the process. This course can be confronting at times, complex, and even painful, but we speak honest when we say that neither of us would want to be studying anything else. As apart of studying BIDS at ACU we are given the opportunity to spend 1 month in Cambodia with the hopes of learning and becoming apart of the culture, as well as witnessing first hand the work of NGO’s. For the next month, we will be immersing ourselves into the Cambodian culture and partaking in small internships in order to put our study into practice. We can not express just how excited we are for this, and with the nerves settling we have everything and more to look forward to! Thank you to Australian Catholic University and Pepy Tours for making this Immersion Program possible!


H, K & S


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