Our story

So, us… who are we and what are we about?
We’ll basically, we are three 20 something girls, brought together by a passion and love for experiencing all that this incredibly amazing and beautifully confronting world has to offer, while doing our best to give back to it, as much as we possibly can. This world and all of its wonderful paradoxes have carried the three of us from different corners of the globe, into each other’s lives and has thrust us into the world of International Development. image
You’ll get to know us as ‘S’, ‘H’ and ‘K’, but let us give you a brief little introduction.
Meet ‘S’; better known as Sara! Our Sar bear. She’s the beer loving, earth appreciating, fun loving and incredibly passionate survivor. Originally from Bosnia, our Sara and her beautiful family escaped the unimaginable tragedies of the Bosnian Civil War. With the help of the UN Sara and her family were moved to Canada where she developed her delightfully cute accent that we all love to make fun of. She is a strong, passionate and incredibly positive gal who wants to give back to a world that she believes has given so much to her.
Now ‘H’- this one’s a complete goofball but that’s why we love her! Our Hayley; if you want to understand Hay and the way she is think of a beautiful bright yellow Sunflower. Think of the way they brighten your day as soon as you see them; they are simple yet uniquely beautiful. If you’ve got that image, you’ve got Hayley! She is the positive, compassionate and incredibly dorky hippy that just lights up our lives. Hayley has grown up in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne but has always had a passion to explore the big wide world around her. This little adventurer has taken on Africa, Borneo, Indonesia and is now taking on South East Asia. Compassion and caring is in Hayley’s blood so naturally, she was drawn to a career in International Development.
Now, the final 3rd to our trio; ‘K’. Meet Kaitlin, or as we like to call her Kaiti180. She’s our little blonde Asian. As an ‘expat’ child, Kaitlin was set up for a life-long love of travel and adventure when her parents work took her to all corners of the globe, mainly Asia. She was born in Hong Kong and has lived in Malaysia and South Korea. While she calls Melbourne home, she has left her pieces of her heart in countries all around the world. At her (relatively) young age, she has been lucky enough to experience a lot of all this wonderful world has to offer, but refuses to stop exploring, learning and growing. She is our wide eyed optimist who aims to give back to the world, as much as it has given to her.

So how do we all fit together? Strangely enough, all of our delightfully quirky traits fit together to make, what we believe is the ultimate trio. We were lucky enough to be brought together to help each other get through the high’s, low’s and in our case massive struggles of University life. We aim to spend the rest of our lives living out our passion and hopefully making the world a better place for those less fortunate than us. Through our blog we hope to share as much of this journey with those of you that want to listen and experience it all with us.
So from S H and K………. WELCOME TO OUR J O U R N E Y